MarketMeter's biannual institutional investor sentiment research empowers ASX-listed Boards and executives to clearly see in just a few charts on the MarketMeter analytics platform where they are outperforming or underperforming their peers. Key aspects of this Research are also available to retail clients who can purchase the Institutional Investment Report.

MarketMeter’s Institutional Investment Report provides league tables of the most highly scored stocks by institutional investors across the corporate performance categories of most importance to them. Data from MarketMeter’s H2 CY23 Institutional Investor Sentiment Research was used, sourced from over 150 domestic and international institutions. MarketMeter’s methodology invites equities fund managers to score the stocks they cover in their investable universe, then aggregates those scores across a range of criteria to form rankings within the ASX100 and ASX101-200. David Macri, Chair of the MarketMeter Advisory Board and former CIO at Australian Ethical, contributed to the Report. David is currently the Head of Asset Allocation at Mason Stevens. Register on the MarketMeter platform at using the ‘retail’ classification to buy this Report for $88 (+gst and 2.2% credit card charge).

David Macri, Chair of the MarketMeter Advisory Board, former CIO at Australian Ethical and current Head of Asset Allocation at Mason Stevens, speaks at the AIRA 2023 Conference on 'The Changing Dynamics of ESG Fund Performance', covering issues such as how the changing dynamics of ESG fund performance are affecting the supply and demand for ESG investment products.


MarketMeter allows ASX listed companies to clearly see in just a few charts where they are outperforming or underperforming...


Institutional investors support the research so as to benefit from a stock screening tool not available elsewhere in the market...


Brokers support the research to recognize investor relations best practice and to access a barometer for house views versus...


MarketMeter is the interactive market insights company founded by former members of East Coles and J.P. Morgan. At its core, MarketMeter is an online platform that quantifies the perceptions of institutional investors in relation to ASX listed companies.


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