MarketMeter allows ASX listed companies to clearly see in just a few charts where they are outperforming or underperforming their peers across 5 key categories: ESG, management, financials, strategy and shareholder engagement.

Innovation and disruption features in most industries and the investor insights field is no exception. MarketMeter is at the forefront of this digital revolution and its interactive analytics platform is an essential tool for gauging investor sentiment and identifying risks. While you may already have a third party provider quantifying and benchmarking investor sentiment, MarketMeter is differentiated by its:

  • Interactive analytics platform allowing for deeper insights
  • Graphics which can be tailored to show investor views by size, style and holding
  • Digital delivery providing for customised reports and absorption into board packs
  • Transparency where investor respondents can be selected and grouped by the user
  • Incentive for investors to respond with platform access to benchmark vs peer views
  • Historic perception data for ASX 200 members
  • Technology which allows subscribers to share in our economies of scale.

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