Participating institutional investors benefit from a stock screening tool not available elsewhere in the market. Investors can compare their stock views against those of their peers, including an ability to selectively filter responses to gain greater granularity but without compromising respondent confidentiality. Participation in MarketMeter research provides an additional opportunity for investors to conduct a post reporting season review and team analysis of market positions.

Reasons to participate:

  • Corporate best practice – investor views help establish the Australasian Investor Relations Association (AIRA) Best Practice Award winners and deliver valuable feedback to listed companies
  • Corporate engagement platform – evidence of responsible investment strategy
  • View comparison – at the conclusion of the scoring period, investors can benchmark their views on each stock and each category against their peers
  • Interactive platform – allows investors to choose their peer group
  • Quick and easy – participation via desktop or app; baseline scores enhance speed
  • Confidential – views are kept anonymous and are only available in aggregated form

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