In order to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of the voting process in our surveys, MarketMeter needs to maintain some basic, commercial information about you. MarketMeter has strict privacy and confidentiality principles in place to safeguard this information for you, and we are solely focussed on utilising the information to ensure our results are the most meaningful and precise in the industry – for our subscribers, our respondents and the public should summary findings be published.

Protecting your privacy and the confidentiality of your personal information is important to us, as it is fundamental to the way we conduct business. MarketMeter is sensitive to privacy issues and treats very seriously the ongoing trust our subscribers and respondents have placed in us. You can relax knowing that MarketMeter aspires to best practice procedures and believe we have robust systems in place for handling and protecting your private information.

Who is MarketMeter?

MarketMeter is a privately owned Australian financial research company.

What is “personal information”?

Personal information is any information whereby your identity may be ascertained.

What is the purpose for the collection of your personal information?

Where it is possible we will collect personal information directly from you. The personal information collected and maintained by MarketMeter comprises your name, work address, contact details and information specific to your relevance to our various surveys, such as title, role and responsibilities. However, in some circumstances we will need to collect your personal information from third parties. These circumstances may include collection of your personal information from a subscriber or colleague for the purposes of maintaining accurate data for voting purposes.

We will NEVER collect and maintain your sensitive information, such as information about your health, membership of any trade unions or professional associations.

Disclosure of your personal information to third parties

We disclose only basic personal information to third parties when it is necessary to validate our data and survey results. For example, we may have to disclose the fact of a respondent having voted in one of our surveys to our auditors, or to a subscriber. Under no circumstances will we provide subscribers with attributable information concerning votes cast.

Contacting us about access and correction of your personal information

MarketMeter aims to ensure that your personal information is accurate, up to date and complete. Please contact us on +61 417 697 745 9am-5pm, Mon-Fri if you would like to seek access to, or revise your personal information or feel that the information we currently have on record is incorrect or incomplete.

If you believe that the privacy of your personal information at MarketMeter has been interfered with, you may lodge a complaint by contacting us on +61 417 697 745 EST 9am – 5pm, Mon-Fri or in writing to Your complaint will be managed and resolved through our internal Privacy Complaint Procedure.

Direct marketing and your privacy

We will not utilise your personal information for any other purposes than to conduct services like our MarketMeterInvestor Sentiment Research.

Website Privacy Statement

In the course of using this site you may provide MarketMeter with personal information. MarketMeter will use all reasonable measures to protect any such information from being used for any other purpose other than the provision of MarketMeter products or services.

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