Our Products

Our Products

Snapshot Quantitative Report (PDF)

This Report provides subscribers with an overview of their relative performance against six major categories:

Overall, ESG, Management, Strategy, Financials, Shareholder Engagement

Comprehensive Quantitative Report (PDF)

This Report provides subscribers with detailed charts highlighting their relative performance across 33 categories and sub-categories:

Interactive Analytics Platform (Online)

The platform allows subscribers to drill down into their institutional investor sentiment by providing two sets of levers to pull: 1) peers to benchmark against 2) baskets of institutional investors. Includes the Comprehensive Quantitative Report.

In Depth Qualitative Report (PDF)

Bespoke qualitative research allowing subscribers to select their own open-ended, text-response questions to put to their key institutional contact list. Includes Comprehensive Quantitative Report.

Full Access

Access to the Interactive Analytics Platform, as well as the Comprehensive Quantitative and Qualitative Reports.

Contact Nicholas Coles for more information.

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